kevin embleton review

Recent reviews of "It Did Me Well" by Kevin Embleton

"Musically, this is an album that’s drenched in Americana roots... The songwriting stands out and pushes this above records coming from a similar place. There’s a laidback lilt at play here that draws the listener in and then refuses to let you out" -Sonic Breakfast (Full Review Here)

"Embleton's It Did Me Well... a set of tight, lush, upbeat alt-country songs reminiscent of Dawes and Ryan Adams. The nine songs here form a cohesive whole that shows refined songwriting and arranging skills on the part of bandleader Kevin Embleton." - Independent Clauses (Full Review Here)

"For a debut, this album feels incredibly mature to me. Throughout the whole record, a steady, consistent sound shines through. Embleton’s music evokes acoustic, rock-n-roll, country, and folk in a pure and unabashed format." Dylan Sonderman (Alt Ohio Full Review)

"Kevin paints his songs with bold imagery but omits key details. The listener must draw upon their own experiences to fill in the gaps. Amid country waltzes and strummed melodies, everyone shares the same humanity, the same emotions, the same story." - Josh Compton (Let Us Make A Record)