embleton it did me well

"It Did Me Well" out in UK, Europe, Canada, and parts of Asia today by Kevin Embleton

Exciting stuff. The record dropped on iTunes, Amazon, and a litany of other stores in the UK, Europe, Canada, parts of Asia, and a bunch of other places today, 3/9! The record drops in the USA tomorrow 3/10. Thank you everyone! Here are some links:

UK: http://goo.gl/cDA6zz

Italy: http://goo.gl/YKYJAD

Japan: http://goo.gl/U7osj1

Spain: http://goo.gl/tWiQZO

Austria: http://goo.gl/ovdjQd

Germany: http://goo.gl/edlqhr

AltOhio Interviews Embleton and Previews Sad Songs and Waltzes by Kevin Embleton

I sat down with one of the writers from AltOhio a few months ago to talk about the record and all that went into it. The music publication also agreed to premiere our version of Willie Nelson's "Sad Songs And Waltzes". Here's a snippet:

"...I'm coming to realize what I have to offer in life is more musical, and that's why I'm pursuing it whatever way I can, even if that means playing only one night a week. It's where my skills and passion lie." Read the rest of the interview here.