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AltOhio Interviews Embleton and Previews Sad Songs and Waltzes by Kevin Embleton

I sat down with one of the writers from AltOhio a few months ago to talk about the record and all that went into it. The music publication also agreed to premiere our version of Willie Nelson's "Sad Songs And Waltzes". Here's a snippet:

"...I'm coming to realize what I have to offer in life is more musical, and that's why I'm pursuing it whatever way I can, even if that means playing only one night a week. It's where my skills and passion lie." Read the rest of the interview here.




Our single "Leaving For Good" on iTunes by Kevin Embleton

Embleton's single Leaving For Good drops. You can pick up the single or you can pre-order the entire record and get the single and a bonus track instantly on iTunes.

Also, big thanks to online magazine, AltOhio for a writeup about the single and our upcoming record. We are so looking forward to sharing these songs with you.