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"The Ten or Twelve Podcast" is Out Today. Listen to the first Episode. by Kevin Embleton

I'm so excited to announce Embleton's newest creative endeavor: The Ten or Twelve Podcast. I've wanted to create a podcast for a long time but wasn't sure where to start. So I decided to create one that explores listener perspective on our latest album, It Did Me Well. I also wanted to offer some of my own thoughts on how these songs came to fruition. 

For this first episode I interviewed two listeners: specifically about how they felt after listening to the song, She's Not There for the first time. While my guests hail from opposite sides of the country, both of their stories share themes of loss. The major difference, however, proves the perspective time brings to a lost relationship versus the bitter sting of a recently broken heart. You'll also hear what I was going through when I wrote the song. 

Two things. Subscribe to The Ten or Twelve Podcast on iTunes! Also, the point of this podcast is to hear from you. Please email me at info@embletonmusic.com if you want to tell your story. I'd love to hear how any of these songs have impacted your life. I'll be putting these stories together regularly until we find something else to talk about. I can't wait to hear what you think.