Here's a glimpse into the music I made pre-Embleton / by Kevin Embleton

My old band, A Minor Bird, just sent out our first email in over four years. We re-released a Deluxe Edition of an ep we put out over six years ago. It's packed with six new songs. I have a feeling you might recognize one of them. Check out the email below!

Where The River Breaks Free (Deluxe Edition) Out Now!
A Minor Bird is on Spotify. FINALLY!
["A Minor Bird"]

After six years of laying low, we're breaking the silence! We are happy to announce that A Minor Bird is now on Spotify. And what's more? We released a Deluxe Version of our EP, Where The River Breaks Free, with six bonus tracks! Check out the tracklisting below and follow us on Spotify. You can also grab the Deluxe Version on iTunes if you wish!

With Love,
A Minor Bird

Where The River Breaks Free (Deluxe Edition)
1. Rising Moon
2. Int: The Dark Room
3. World of You
4. Ask The Clock
5. The Yellow Room
6. Int: Breath in Her Lungs
7. Fortress
8. Int: Reprise
9. Occurrence at The Well
10. She's Not There (Demo)
11. Dance in Place (Demo)
12. Woods
13. Mr. Tornado (Remix)
14. The Bird and The Bear (Acoustic)
15. Ask The Clock (Alternate Mix)
Get it on iTunes
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