Be At Peace With Yourself / by Kevin Embleton

"At the end of the day, there ain't nobody else, gonna walk in your shoes, quite the way you do..." - Bill Fay

Thanks for the reminder, Bill Fay; I come back to this one often. The fatherly wisdom here keeps me focused on what is true and steers me away from what is not. I've wanted to do a rendition of 'Be At Peace With Yourself' for a while, so I took a trip over to South Sunset a few weeks ago to see what I could capture. Though jarring from technical standpoint, the ocean roar and loud sporadic traffic proved a perfect backdrop for this song. In a city bursting with activity, it's difficult to find solace sometimes, even near the ocean. Life is noisy, the pressure is high, competition is fierce, and most of the time I'm pretending to know what I'm doing. All too quickly I start listening to the voices screaming "You're not good enough!","Give up!", "You don't have what it takes!". Those voices are hard to silence. So we need voices like Bill Fay's, recalling us to louder truths and shining light on darkness, often with only a whisper. I wish I could do this song justice. Thanks Bill, I hope to meet you someday. Here's the original. Here's my rendition: