Cupid Failed - A throwback to my first country Song / by Kevin Embleton

This week I decided to go with a throwback. I wrote 'Cupid Failed' as a heartbroken college freshman in 2008. It made its way onto a record called, Somewhere Far Away, a thirteen song rumination on love and faith which I recorded in my college dorm room without any outside opinionDon't go looking for it; I've purged the internet (to the best of my ability). But the over-honest, teenage opus did have a few shining moments, and I think Cupid Failed was a good step in my songwriting journey. Sure, it's immature, tongue-and-cheek, and though it doesn't have that twang some would call country, I think at its root Cupid Failed is inspired by country music.

As I fell in love with good ol' fashioned country over the past two years, I looked back at some of my first tunes and realized they're more country than I thought. If you would have told me I was a country artist in 2008 I'd have felt like punching you in the face. The folk/emo/post-breakup stage is real... At any rate, I'm ok with it now. Country music just sort of says it like it is, without being too cryptic. It tells a story. 

So I made this video a month ago while practicing some fingerpicking. I wanted to feature Cupid Failed after Willie's song from last week. I always thought it might be a good tune for one of those cheesy "indie" flicks like Juno or something. I'm still waiting for my big break, whatever that means, just like Willie when he wrote Sad Songs and Waltzes. Here's Cupid Failed: