Premieres and Summaries / by Kevin Embleton

Head on over to music publication, Independent Clauses  for the premiere of our single, "Leaving For Good". Stephen, from Independent Clauses added some kind words to the premiere, which we sincerely appreciate. SPOILER - he compares us to Bright Eyes, which is A OK with me. You can read the article here. 

Finally, here are all the ways you can Pre-Order our upcoming album It Did Me Well, which drops March 10, 2015. If you end up going the iTunes route, two of the tracks from the album will download to your music library immediately. If you grab the physical CD, we'll send you a download link to those same two tracks, and we'll send you the album two weeks before the release. 

iTunes: ($7.99)
Amazon: ($8.99)
The Physical CD at our STORE:  ($10 + $3 shipping)

Alright. Peace