Live Performance of "It Did Me Well" by Embleton / by Kevin Embleton

So while we wait for our new album to go up for pre-sale on iTunes, we wanted to release a live video of us performing "It Did Me Well." We entered this video into NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest, sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing Company. We filmed this at Kevin's house a few evenings ago. If we win, we'll get to travel out to Washington DC to play an actual Tiny Desk Concert.

This song is the title track off our upcoming record, and we couldn't be more proud. Here are the lyrics:

It Did Me Well:
Why can't you see 
It’s been a long night for me 
I’ve got a reason for it all right now 
Don't even try to talk me down
They always told me that it all works out 
They always tell me but I know 
I simply know it isn't so

My earthly dad he passed away 
When I was 12 
Then cancer came took my health 
But I wouldn't let it wear me down 
So I did those drugs, 
And I gave'em hell 
I got the best of them
I learned of God, it did me well
yea it did me well.

Why can't you see 
It's been a long time for me 
I’ve got a reason for it all right now 
Don't even try to talk me out
Of packin' up and getting out of here 
Away from everything I’m told 
I’ll venture into the unknown

They said there's a place for me here
Should I return 
They washed my feet and they shared my tears
But I didn't let'em change my mind 
So I hit the road ready to unlearn 
The garbage I’d been taught for years
And oh my God 
It did me well, yea it did me well

The pain returned to my stomach 
like I remembered it 
3000 miles away from home 
The doctor seemed to change my mind 
So I flew straight back to the table 
They said that It was just a fright 
And Oh my God, you brought me back
I think I'll stay a while 
But things can never be the same