Thank You All! / by Kevin Embleton

Thank you all for downloading our Christmas song! It was a blast to make. My initial take is that it's a mix between a band called O'Brother (loosely), Bon Iver, and Ascend The Hill. I'm curious to know who you'd compare it to -- what does it sound like? Anyway, you can pick it up for free for another week on NOISETRADE. 

Preview it below if want!

Also, watch out for our debut album going up for presale some time in January. We are sooo excited to share our new record with you. Keep an eye out on our Tour Dates. We have shows coming up in Akron, South Bend, and Grand Rapids at the end of January. 

Your support through this year has meant the world. We changed our name, we released a few tracks, I went on a solo tour out west, but for the most part we were MIA working and recording an album. It's finally done, and we plan to share it with as many people as we can in 2015. Let's do this.